Many of our families are engaging in homeschooling for the first time. Given that our pastor is the only homeschooled priest in the Diocese of Dallas, we have some tips for teaching at home.

This page will be updated regularly as we compile resources for the parishioners and families of St. Martin of Tours.


  • Create an assignment list for the day. Once the list is done, the kids are free. Whatever doesn't get done today goes on tomorrow's list.
  • Give children a carrot to keep them motivated. One system is the 30-10 rule: every 30 minutes of schoolwork earns 10 minutes of play time.
  • Have children exercise regularly. Physical activity helps keep them focused when they sit down to schoolwork.
  • Do oral work. For example, the parent reads a paragraph, and the child reads the next paragraph, and so on. For questions and answers, the parent reads the questions out loud and the child answers. Doing the schoolwork out loud provides bonding time, and some kids learn much better this way.
  • Remember to read and pray aloud together daily. See our prayer guide and recommended book list.