Formation and Fun

This page will be updated regularly with activities and crafts.

May 2020: Hope

April 2020

March 2020: Sacrifice and Suffering

March 2020 Formation and Fun is compiled in a booklet format. Content of this "On Sacrifice and Suffering" booklet includes inspirations from Sacred Scripture, quotes from saints, sacred art, teachings from the Church, poignant prayers, and menus of suggestions for further study, contemplation, and for living out our Catholic Faith more deeply.

Directions to Print

  1. You'll need 10 total sheets of paper - one for the outside cover of the booklet, nine for the inside pages of the booklet.
  2. Print cover: print double sided, flip on short edge. (We recommend printing in color and on a white cardstock heavier weight paper if possible.)
  3. Print pages: print double sided, flip on short edge. Use regular weight white printer paper. (We recommend printing in color if possible.)
  4. Fold cover and pages. Insert pages inside cover.

Sacred Art