Parish Enhancements

What is happening at St. Martin of Tours?

To better form us as a parish and as disciples of the Eucharistic Christ, we have new enhancements coming to our liturgical and parish life. Beginning at the end of September, we will have:

  • More Masses
  • More Confession
  • More Adoration
  • More Communal prayer
  • More Formation
  • More Opportunities to connect with fellow parishioners

More Liturgy

What is different with the Masses?

Starting September 28, all Masses will be celebrated in our beautiful and historical church. This move will enhance our liturgy and free up the parish hall for parish activities and rentals.

What is the new Mass schedule?


8:00 AM
9:30 AM - New
11:00 AM
5:00 PM


8:30 AM


7:15 PM - Moved


8:30 AM - Moved


8:30 AM


4:30 PM Vigil

More Adoration

What is the new adoration schedule?

Adoration will begin 1 hour before every morning daily Mass (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

Anything else new with the morning daily Masses?

We will also pray Lauds (Morning Prayer) after the morning daily Masses.

What is Lauds?

Lauds is one of the prayers of the Divine Office, or Liturgy of the Hours. The Divine Office is an ancient prayer in the Liturgy (along with the Mass) that is said at 7 different times (or hours) every day. Lauds is the hour that is prayed in the morning. The Church encourages the laity to join the clergy and religious in praying the Divine Office.

More Confession

What is the new confession schedule?

Confessions will begin 30 minutes before every Mass at St. Martin of Tours. Plus, confessions will still start at 3:00 PM on Saturday (so Saturday evening will be 3 - 4:30).

So, no more confessions Wednesday evenings?

Look again: there's now a Mass Wednesday evening, which means there will be a half hour of confession before it. Plus, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, we have Pange Lingua, which is 1.5 hours of confession and adoration.

Why is Mass on Wednesday now in the evening?

For Wednesday Night Formation!

More Formation

What is Wednesday Night Formation?

Every Wednesday night, from 5:45 - 7:15 PM, there will be some parish formation activity, where you will learn, pray, and have fun with your fellow parishioners. The activities range from Family Formation and Adult Lecture Series to Pange Lingua to Formation and Fun!

Every Wednesday Night Formation will end with Mass and Compline at 7:15 PM.

Wednesday Night Formation begins September 21.

Is Compline another one of those Hours from the Divine Office?

You got it! Compline is the hour that is prayed at night, shortly before bed.

What happens the 1st Wednesday of the month?

The first Wednesday will be our family formation (as usual), plus a lecture series hosted by Fr. James that is open to the whole parish.

What about the 3rd?

The third Wednesday features Pange Lingua, a night of confession, adoration, prayer, silence, and music.

What about the other Wednesdays?

The 2nd and 4th Wednesdays will have Formation and Fun, a chance for everyone to get together, learn, and have some good old-fashioned fun! Activities will vary from night to night, and are for all ages!