Prayer Ministry

St. Martin of Tours Prayer Ministry is a group of parishioners whose ministry is to pray for others in time of need, loss, illness, praise and thanksgiving. A prayer request is sent out with a suggested prayer. You may pray that prayer for the person, or your own prayer or both. Prayer is very powerful! Please remember those in need of prayer as you are praying daily or even multiple times per day! We also have prayer blankets that can be sent out to the sick and dying. The purpose of this blanket is to remind them they are being “covered” in prayer.

Request prayers

Email or text/call Julie Shuler at (214) 673-0469. When placing someone on the prayer list, please obtain their permission when giving full names and circumstances.

Receive Prayer Request Emails

Sign up through All prayer requests are sent out via email through St. Martin’s Flocknote.

Prayer Blanket Request for sick or dying

Email or text/call Julie Shuler at (214) 673-0469.