Parish Building Plan

Steier Group study

Fr. James commissioned a study in May/June 2018 to determine whether the parish is ready and able to build a church. The results of the study are below.

Study participants

  • Personal interviews: 63
  • Mail, online, and in-pew surveys: 219
  • Total participation: 44%

Priority of respondants

  • Yes: 98%
  • No: 1%
  • Unsure: 1%

Overall observations

  • The parishioners love the familial atmosphere at St. Martin of Tours. They expressed that when one of their faith family members suffers or experiences joy the parish at large suffers or rejoices with them.
  • Fr. James brings an energy that is contagious to the parish. He attracts many new members making them feel welcomed. Several participants said they would do anything for the parish if approached personally and asked by Fr. James
  • Overall the St. Martin of Tours parish favors conducting a capital campaign to build an adequate worship space. They understand that such an undertaking will commit parishioners to the project, drive enthusiasm and momentum, as well as create personal ownership for the new worship space.
  • There are many different ideas and opinions as to what the plans for the building project should look like. The challenge will be to unite the entire parish on one plan and get everyone on board to support that plan. Fr. James should be prepared to make and move forward with a decision that may leave some parishioners unsatisfied.

Key statistical findings

  • 93% of respondants personally favor a capital campaign

    • 95% of those interviewed favor the capital campaign
  • 92% of respondants will make a personal gift to the campaign

    • 98% of those interviewed will make a personal gift
  • 99 respondants indicated they would serve in a leadership position

Fundraising potential

Based on the positive results of the planning study, the Steier Group recommends that St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church moves forward into the preparation phase of the eighteen-week campaign beginning the week of July 9, 2018. The Steier Group projects that St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church will raise $2 million - $2.5 million over the three-year campaign by using the Steier Group's recommended timeframe and approach.