St. Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church

St Martin of Tours is a vibrant and growing parish in Forney, TX, about 30 minutes East of Dallas. The parish is excited to be on mission, to fulfill the great commission Jesus Christ entrusted to His Church, to make disciples.

The parish was founded under Bishop Brennan, the first bishop of Dallas, in 1892. Today, the parish is led by Fr. James Yamauchi.

St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin was born around the year 316 in Sabaria, a town in Pannonia near the famous Benedictine monastery dedicated to his name. Against the wishes of his parents, who were pagans, he associated with Christians and became a catechumen at the age of ten. At fifteen, he joined the Roman Army and served under two Roman Emperors, Constantius and Julian. While in the service, he met a poor, naked beggar who asked for alms in Christ's name. Martin had nothing with him except his weapons and a soldier's cloak. He took his sword, cut the cloak in two, and gave half to the poor man. That night, Christ appeared to him clothed with half a cloak and said, "Martin, the catechumen, has clothed me with this cloak." At the age of eighteen he was baptized. After serving for another two years in the army he was dismissed. Martin studied under St. Hilary and later he became a priest (monk) and then Bishop of Tours. His feast day is celebrated on November the eleventh.

The Roman Rite

The Roman Rite is the most widespread rite of worship in the world, used by more than 1.2 billion Christians worldwide. It is the primary rite used by the Latin Church, and dates back to before the 4th century A.D. This rite is the form of the Mass most Catholics will be familiar with.

The Latin Church

The Latin Church is the largest particular church in the Catholic Church, comprising more than 1.2 billion of the faithful worldwide, and goverened directly by the Soverign Pontiff, the Pope.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is the institution founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, around A.D. 30 to teach and guide Man to gain the everlasting happiness of Heaven. Through her rites and sacraments, the Church dispenses the graces given by Christ and the Holy Spirit. In matters of Faith or morals, the Church is infallible.

The Catholic Church dates back to Pentecost, fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the 120 disciples in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, upon which day they baptized 3,000 new disciples. Today, nearly two thousand years later, the Church numbers 1.27 billion Catholics across the globe, making it the oldest institution in the world, and the second largest institution today (second only to the "People's Republic" of China). The Universal Church is under the patronage of St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and has been led by Christ's Vicar on Earth, the Pope, from St. Peter to Francis, the current Pope.