St Martin of Tours Catholic Church

Sunday Mass Livestream

8:30 AM

You do not need a Facebook account to watch.

Daily Mass

Due to the size of our growing parish and the limited capacity allowed in the church at the present time, parish households may sign up for one Mass in the next four week period at this time. To RSVP, visit

Tuesday - Friday

6:00 PM

Father at 5

Join Fr. James every evening at 5 PM for a brief lesson and Evening Prayer (Vespers).

Returning to the Sacraments


1. Daily Family Prayer

Every family should pray together daily. If you do not have a family prayer routine, see our guide on how to start one.

2. Do Activities as a Family

3. Read together as a Family

Homeschooling Tips

Many of our families are engaging in homeschooling for the first time. Given that our pastor is the only homeschooled priest in the Diocese of Dallas, we have some tips for teaching at home.

Online Resources

Help and Assistance

If you need help, or want to help other parishioners, please email Tony Rangel at or call the parish office at (972) 564-9114.

Online Giving

Please consider giving your weekly offering online to help the parish.

New Church

Learn more about the plans and status of our parish's new church!

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